Shoe Care (Pack of 3)


Shoe Care Packing Bags – (Pack of 3) 

  • Comes with half mesh and drawstring
  • Good for carrying and storing shoes
  • Can be used to store toiletries, medicines, cosmetics, etc., while travelling
  • Works good as a car bin bag
  • Pack of 3
  • Available in 3 assorted colors
  • Dimension: L – 10.50″, H – 15″


Love playing sports? Hesitate to keep your favorite footwear with the rest? Tired of wrapping your feet protectors in rolls of paper while traveling? Ecosac Shoe Care bags are the perfect solution to all these problems and more. The half mesh fabric allows the footwear to breathe while they’re stored in it, and the opaque fabric at the back, keeps the mud from your outsole firmly within the bag. So, shoe-off your pumped up kicks the next time you report for practice or use it to store shoes, medicines or anything you’d like to fit in them, while you travel!

Buying Tip: If you walk / play a lot, and if your spouse is too possessive about her occasion wear footwear, buy a couple of these, as it will be way too handy.