When water can be bottled and sold in India, so can be utility bags, even though plastic bags are almost freely available. The idea is to eradicate it’s usage and the menace it has been creating’, was the thought when I founded Ecosac 5 years ago, with a vision to make available an eco-friendly, user-friendly yet affordable alternative to plastic. With the Government’s recent ban on plastic, Ecosac today witnesses a huge surge of 500% in the sale of utility bags. With almost nil acceptance from retailers for our product to a high demand story, the vision is to set stage for a revolutionary product in the Indian retail sector.

If the concept of ‘Reduce, Recycle, Reuse‘ has to be defined, then Ecosac bags are the perfect example, as also the perfect solution for consumers and retailers towards the government’s ban on plastic.

Whereas other suggested alternatives to plastic being paper, canvas, jute, etc. may fail to be eco-friendly or user-friendly in reality, Ecosac bags are a perfect key to address needs and convenience of shopping, travelling and packaging.

Ecosac Bags are manufactured in India using extremely good quality fabric that is highly durable, sturdy, washable, reusable, trendy and colorful and can last a minimum for 3 years.

The company envisages growth by addressing environmental concerns, thereby creating high quality merchandise at affordable prices, in order to cultivate and encourage an eco-sensitive culture among Indian consumers and retailers. Their immediate focus lies in establishing a robust distribution network across general trade, modern retail stores as also proliferate the cause working strategically with NGOs and setting awareness camps.